My Daughter Gave Birth to Quadruplets!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Multiples Sale

I did a web search and found out that there is a multiples group in Cincinnati that takes only triplets and above. Mom, Stella (DMIL) and I went to the sale. I was so excited! We got there early and stood in line to get in. It was nice to be around people who have been where we are, have survived, and are smiling!

Sarah's great grandma couldn't come but sent money. She bought her three infant car seats. We still have Callie's, so that makes four. Now we can get them home from the hospital.

Stella found some bottles, onesies and clothes. We figure we will need enough bottles to make them all up at once for each day so we will have to buy more. We heard that color coding babies and supplies makes life easier.

Mom hit the clothing section and grabbed things premie and newborn. The quad mom that was helping us said she had a lot of pink, so she grabbed some more blue. It will help when we know how many of each gender we have!

I found a triplet stroller that is awesome! It is a Runabout. It looks like a jogging stroller, but it is made for three. It has a rain roof, a sun shade, bottle holders, three brakes, and a storage bin. The owner said it was around $1,000 new. The resale value is great. Here is my thinking: if we get a double stroller for Callie and one quad, the triplet stroller will carry the rest. Most people carry them on a bike rack on the back of the mini van. Sarah will probably not go anywhere alone anyway, so we can do it with two. I hope.

I went to the store and bought plus size shirts for Sarah. The doctor said maternity will not fit her, so find whatever works. She is wearing Tom's shirts for now.

We need to organize what we bought and figure out what we need. I just want to feel comfortable about getting the babies home.

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