My Daughter Gave Birth to Quadruplets!

Praise the Lord! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who greatly delights in his commandments! His offspring will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed. Psalms 112:1-2

Monday, March 22, 2010

Finding Out More

I have been searching on the Internet for information about quadruplets. I was not even sure how to spell it! I like what it means, though:

quad·ru·ple (kw-drpl, -drpl, kwdr-pl)

1. Consisting of four parts or members. (More to LOVE!)
2. Four times as much in size, strength, number, or amount. (Serving God together)
3. Music Having four beats to the measure. (Marching into the doctor's office to show him what our mighty God can do!)

There is a lot of scary information out there. I get sick every time I read something negative. I worry about Sarah.

Tom and I watched a show about families with multiples on T.V. tonight, or should I say "started" to watch it. After a few minutes of incubators and complications, Tom asked me to turn it off. I was done watching, too. So discouraging. This is not for me. I am an educator. I NEED to know what I can to prepare. But this is not the way. I need to pray. I am looking to God for peace and a plan.

This song keeps going through my head. It comforts but scares me at the same time:

"For whatever it takes to draw closer to You, Lord;
That's what I am willing to do.
And whatever it takes to be more like You,
That's what I am willing to do."

The Lord your God is testing you to find out whether you love Him with all your heart and with all your soul. It is the Lord your God you must follow, and Him you must revere. Keep His commands and obey Him; serve Him and hold fast to Him. Deut. 13:4

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