My Daughter Gave Birth to Quadruplets!

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 35/Callie Meets Her Siblings

The Quads are 35 Weeks!


Callie, Devon and Jackson

Landon is 4 lbs. and Jackson is 3 lbs. They are learning to eat from a bottle.
They seem to enjoy co-bedding after being alone for several days. They grunt at each other and entertain their nurses. They have also started to follow the nurses with their eyes as they go about their routines. They have graduated to "grower" status, which means we are just waiting on them to mature enough to come home. They seem to be lighter sleepers than the girls. The nurses think it is because the girls are used to much more noise from the oscillators and all of the people working on them.

Callie Meets Her Brothers

Since the NICU was full when the quads came, the girls were initially placed in an isolation room. Now that they are stable, they have been moved over by the windows. I like the move for several reasons. First, the daylight allows us to see the girls better. The rest of the floor is very dim. Second, the isolation room has bad memories associated with it. I will never forget those dread filled days when we were wondering if the girls would survive. Third, the move means that the girls are improving and headed in the right direction.

Isabella is impressing her doctors with her progress. She is 4 lbs. The nurse removed her umbilical lines, but she is still on oxygen. She is finally able to be in a crib. Isabella is a pretty little thing.

Devon, Callie and Isabella

Samantha is 3 lbs. and is off c-pap. She is now using a high-powered nasal cannula for her oxygen. She still has her life-saving pick line and is on IV fluids. She is receiving fat (lipids) to help her gain weight. She is getting about 27 mls. of food through her stomach tube. An ounce is 30 mls. The nurse is going to change Samantha's feeding tube from her mouth to her nose so it will be easier to learn to take a bottle. Her head is a little misshapen and swollen from the c-pap, but it will look somewhat better each day. She had a sonogram today to make sure all is well. Please pray that her report will be a good one.

Devon, Callie and Samantha

All My Girls

The nurse told us that Samantha was crying and could not be comforted, so the nurse decided to hold Samantha, tubes and all. Samantha calmed down immediately and obviously loved being held for the first time. When Sarah came to see Samantha, the nurse said, "Do you want to hold her, too? I figure that if I can hold her, you should be allowed to hold her." Sarah held her little girl close. Samantha snuggled in and looked so content. When she smiled, she revealed a little dimple in her check that is just like Sarah's. Finally, Samantha has her mother.

Sarah holding Samantha for the first time. Beautiful!

Sarah, Samantha and Callie

My Babies

Callie cried when it was time to leave the babies because she wants to take them home!

Callie met her siblings. She quietly looked over each one, but then decided that she only wants to hold the boys. The girls must have too many wires. Callie announced, "I'm not going to share my toys with the babies. They don't like my toys."

And so it begins.

Thanks so much for praying!

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