My Daughter Gave Birth to Quadruplets!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Awesome Update/Life is Good!

The doctor who admitted Sarah came in with an awesome update today. She said, "When you came here, I really thought you were going to have those babies. Now you are doing so well, I think we can get you another 4 weeks." She said that 28 weeks is a major milestone for the quads. She is surprised that Sarah made it this far. They think Sarah is doing incredibly well.

Here are some highlights of her comments:

~Although Sarah was given steroids when she was admitted last month, they plan to repeat the steroids again. Steroids speed lung and brain development. However, they cause contrations, so they will wait until she is scheduled to deliver.

~Pre-eclampsia test was normal. They are keeping an eye on that problem. It can present itself without high blood pressure with multiples.

~Iron levels went from 30 to 34 since Sarah has been on IV iron. Normal levels are 30 to 126. Iron is involved in oxygen transport, is essential for the regulation of cell growth, and aids with immunity. Pregnancy times four coupled with expected blood loss during delivery are the reasons for upping her iron levels. The problem is that Sarah's veins keep "blowing" from the IV's. She had two veins blow yesterday, before the third IV finally took. If this problem with overused veins continues, she will have to go on the dreaded iron pills. :(

~They are watching Baby A very closely. The quads are labeled in the order they will be delivered. Baby A will be first since he is the lowest baby. He has the weight of the other three babies on top of him. So far, he is doing well and does not appear to be stressed.

~They keep checking the skin on Sarah's belly. It can get dangerously thin and broken with multiples, and the blood flow can be compromised. Sarah's skin looks great! The doctor noticed that she actually has room for one more baby on her right side. (Sarah was not pleased with that observation.)

~The babies all look really good. The doctors have noticed that the babies move and wiggle a lot more than most. Great. Anyway, they move as much and more than singletons. No one is stressed. Baby C has not had any decels lately.

~The doctor was very concerned that Sarah is okay with being in the hospital. She said that moms who aren't emotionally and mentally prepared to stay usually deliver early. She is pleased that Sarah seems to be adjusting well to her confinement. From October through April, no children under the age of fourteen are permitted to visit. Moms don't do as well when they are kept away from their children. Sarah is fortunate to be there in the summer. She feels much more comfortable on the medicine. Callie can come visit. Tony can spend the night. I spend the days. The room is private with a TV and a refrigerator. Everyone is praying. Life is good!

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