My Daughter Gave Birth to Quadruplets!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Full Baby Sonograms/Poster Child for Adoption

Sarah had full baby sonograms today. They took about 2 hours total. All is well. A is 1.7 ounces, B is 1.8, C is 1.8, and D is 1.9.

Wile we were waiting to go in, I offered my chair to a pregnant lady with two boys. She said, "No thanks. I'm on bed rest, so I stand whenever I can!". Then she noticed that Tony and I were waiting with Sarah. She said, "You are so fortunate to have family to help you. My family lives in Indiana. I am supposed to be in the hospital, but I have no one to watch my boys." I told her we would pray for her, so please add her to your list. She has made it to 27 weeks so far. Once again, God is sending little reminders about how blessed we are!

The magnesium makes Sarah very weak, dizzy, and loopy. It can cause her to retain water, so we have to measure everything that goes in and everything that comes out. However, it stops contractions! She keeps hitting her leg on a bar on the bed when she gets in and out, and didn't realize it. She has the most horrible bruise! She cried off and on all day. She wants to go home. She misses Callie.

Sarah says she is going to be the new poster child for adoption. At least she still has her sense of humor. :)

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